YouTube Releases information on their search algorithms

In a recently released video from Rachel in the Search And Discovery department at YouTube she answered a few questions that are on a lot of content creators minds.

Some of the topics discussed

  • Impact of Changing Titles and Thumbnails
  • Algorithm Response to Old/Inactive Subscribers
  • YouTube Search Results
  • Multiple Languages on the same channel
  • Importance of Watch Time
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Impact of Changing Titles and Thumbnails

Let us dive in on the impact of changing titles and thumbnails. If your video is not performing well will it help the video to change its title and thumbnail? Or will this cause YouTubes algo to look the other way? Per Rachel at YouTube if a video is not performing well, YouTube recommends you make changes to your Title and the look of your thumbnail to give the video more clicks and ultimately more views. When changing the two items it will look different to potential viewers and change the way the viewers interact with your video. When YouTube sees this, it adjusts its algorithm bases on the behavior of your views not because of the change of the title or thumbnail.

Algorithm Response to Old/Inactive Subscribers

Often heard and used repeatedly by YouTube creators is subscribe to my channel. In this case the question is what happens after a user subscribes to the channel but does not interact with the channel for a very long time does it negatively effect the performance of the videos on the channel? Per Rachels video YouTubes algorithm that handles video recommendations does not focus on the subscription feed as its primary signal, instead it is focused on how the video performs for when its shown. For example, if it showed on the home page and people view it, it will then present itself on other user’s homepages. The algorithm at YouTube understands if you have not watched the channels content in a long time and then will avoid showing content from that channel to inactive subscribers. For this reason, I would make a recommendation to be consistent with content or videos on your channel to keep the subscribers interacting in your channel.


YouTube Search Results

Often asked is how does YouTube rank search results for its videos? YouTube is owned by Google and operates like Google Search Engine that it has a single goal to show users the most relevant result for what they are searching for. The major factors that go into the YouTube Search rank per Rachel is Relevance and Performance. Relevance for how well the title, description and content of the video match the users searched keyword, and Performance for how the user chose the watch the video after performing their search. Therefore, it’s very important to give as much information about the video in the description and in the video title to rank for the YouTube keyword.


Multiple Languages on the same channel

Uploading in multiple languages can be confusing to your subscribers/viewers if they are not expecting it. If so per Rachels comments YouTube recommends creating separate channels for each language. But if your audience is bilingual and they are expecting different languages on the channel then keeping all content of different language videos makes sense on the channel.


The Importance of Watch Time of your video on YouTube

Per the information released by YouTube there is not a certain number of hours of watch time needed before the YouTube algo recommends it. Thus, there is no set number channels and videos can start to see and gain momentum days and months after the video is published. That’s what is so great about YouTube once you create the content and position it correctly you can continue to have that funnel for the life of the position and in turn keep on generating new customers and views for your business. Because most users do not watch videos based on date.