Why Local SEO For Marketing Restaurants is so important ?

Why Local SEO For Marketing Restaurants is so important?

By now you have heard repeatedly to implement a local SEO marketing strategy for your restaurant. But now it is a crucial piece of your business that cannot be ignored. With adding local SEO as a marketing tool for your Restaurant it can increase your restaurants position on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Duck Duck Go and other digital marketing platforms.

By increasing your position in the top search engines, it increases your chances for customer traffic to your restaurant.

Top things to look at to increase your Search Engine Position for your local restaurant marketing.

  1. Optimize Website and the content for your local area.
  2. Create a Google My Business account and utilize all the tools available on the platform.
  3. Leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram.
  4. Implement a call to action plan to drive customers into your restaurant (highlight why your restaurant is different, and what you offer)
  5. Online Citations/Directories: Utilize all online directories make sure the name of your business and address, phone number are uniform across all instances.
  6. Upload Eye catching images (Repetitive Branding of logo and flyers that high light dishes, specials)

Why local SEO now for my Restaurant?

Now is the time to push the button on marketing your restaurant and implementing the top 6 things mentioned above. Me and my team can help and answer those questions that you have and put the ideas you have been wanting to implement to work or help you in develop new strategies.

Email campaigns for marketing local restaurants.

Utilize your current customer data. The top restaurant brands utilize data and customer behavior to make top decisions and use the data to send out important email campaigns that offer personalized messages to customers and your restaurant should too.