Why Google Analytics is very important for your website?

Google Analytics Texas

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web-based tool used to gather data about the behavior of visitors that go to your website.

How does Google Analytics work?

It is a JavaScript code that is installed on your website, this code records the visitor’s activities of your website traffic. After the information is recorded it is sent back to the Google Analytic servers when the visitor exits the website.

How is the data on Google Analytics read and where do you use the data gathered ?

With the important data gathered from your analytics account you and your Internet Marketing team can make important marketing decisions for your business in regards to what to target to improve your overall site.

Key Data in your analytics

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • New Users
  • Visitor Flow
  • Time on Site (Session Duration)
  • Bounce Rate
  • Location of website visitor
  • Referral Source

One of the first questions I ask any business owner when they first have a consultation with me is do you have analytics installed on your website? When is the last time you and your Internet Marketing Team reviewed the numbers and analyzed the data?

If you have questions on Google Analytics or wanting to install it for your business’s website, please reach out by clicking here so I can help you with your Analytics questions.

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