Your Website running at its full potential ?

Considering building a new website or Re Designing One?

One thing your marketing team must know with your website is the ever-changing nature of Organic Search. It is important to invest with someone that knows both Search and the best way to market your company’s products and services in a way that Google will see the new website or re design as a plus instead of a minus in your search optimization goals. Your main goal in any business is to have your website visitors convert into customers and clients.

Over the last 5 years there has a been a dramatic shift from ranking for keywords to ranking for topics. So with this change your website would end up being a curator of topics and grow off the topics creating main pages and sub pages on which to grow.  Remember one thing has not changed and content is KING! not just any content though GOOD content.

This Content is known as PILLAR CONTENT that can have you rank for a broad topic. For example, generating support blog content to link to pillar content in creating a funnel.

BLOG Content –> Pillar Content

Research found that structuring this content based on that system gave a higher average ranking on search result pages and more impressions.

Remember this when building your site your “marketing asset” to always keep in mind GDD.

Yes GDDGrowthDrivenDesign

What is growth driven design you may ask? Growth driven design is the following

  • Building of your site never stops it is a constant asset that you add to daily, yes daily.
  • Content creation never stops
  • Conversion A/B testing & updating
  • User Flow Behavior
  • Data Analysis

If your business has not changed your website at all and its just sitting, there its like having an abandoned house with no maintenance. You haven’t cut the lawn check the water heater or pipes haven’t inspected the walls or even looked in the attic.

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