Using Instagram to increase Local Search Traffic

I see many businesses not using all the social media tools that are available to them many times for free. Instagram is a great tool to reach more eyes for your business in the local market of your town or city no matter what size.

Every social media outlet is one more billboard that can attract eyes to your business.
With the changes in marketing within the last 6 years . The marketing outlets from Billboards, Radio and TV have moved to Paid Search , Websites , and Social Media.

Instagram is one that can be optimized and used to generate traffic to your business.
To generate traffic from this social media outlet it just take the knowledge of how to do so.

Step by step method

  • Create a Username that people will remember preferably your business name and city or town that your business is in
  • Use your bio to it’s full potential add emojis and main info on the products and services your business provides
  • Add a link to your website preferably catered to the Instagram visitor that captures the attention and let’s them know right away more of what your business offers.
  • Network Network Network !!!! Did I say network ? Start to follow all local businesses that are closest to your business niche and location . So if your business is in Katy Texas follow all businesses within your niche that are in Katy Texas .
  • Be consistent , always make sure to daily post content that is within your business niche. (Remember don’t get discouraged it will be a slow start but once the snow ball gets rolling it will grow)
  • Don’t consistently sell I know that is kind of the thing of marketing but you can’t just sell all the time . If you do any followers that are engaging with will feel that are being sold 24/7 and they will leave. The best way to sell is add content that will engage with your followers and then mix in sales within your content.
  • Hashtags Hashtags Hashtags – they are the backbone of Instagram identify your hashtags for your niche and local business area.
  • Video – use video and Instagram TV to your advantage remember engage with your followers.

I know the steps above can be daunting for a business owner and time is a factor in achieving a successful Instagram account . So delegate out this very important piece of your internet marketing to a professional.

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