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Top 11 ways to improve your small businesses SEO.

  1. Determine what problem or problems your business solves.
  2. Do you have technical SEO issues on your website ? If so you must fix them by taking a deep look into pages that may not be optimized, broken inner links on your website , duplicate content and site speed.
  3. Optimize your websites pages.
  4. Optimize your Google My Business Page.
  5. Analyze your competitors and your competitors websites and see what are they doing and can you do it better?
  6. Check on your local directory citations and business listings.
  7. Generate links from websites from your region and preferably city of possible.
  8. Focus on getting real reviews from happy clients.
  9. Add Schema mark up language to tell the search engines what your business website is all about.
  10. Make sure to add images and video with keywords related to your business and the keywords you want your business website to rank for.

Should a small business use SEO as part of their digital marketing strategy ?

The truthful answer is YES ! There are many benefits to adding SEO to your small business marketing strategy. Find out the top benefits below.

Top benefits of adding SEO to your small business marketing strategy.

  1. SEO helps in targeting quality traffic for your website.
  2. With SEO you don’t have to pay for Ads , when your content and SEO is built on your site it’s yours to keep forever.
  3. Higher percentages of clicks come from Organic placement then Ads .
  4. You can move ahead of your competition.
  5. SEO helps PR especially when your offering new or more advanced products or services to your marketplace.

If your a small business owner you should add Search Engine Optimization to your marketing strategy.

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