Explaining “SEO” to a Digital Novice: A Challenge for the 21st Century.

When it comes right down to clarifying Search Engine Optimization —- otherwise referred to as SEO, more commonly —- to someone who is new to Digital Marketing, much less in an ever-fluctuating market, there can be some challenges. But SEO remains no less essential. And here’s why…..

No company is alone. In fact, all companies striving for greater marketing recognition realize the need and challenge presented. Now, let’s see just what an SEO’s core responsibilities entail, as well as its campaign process throughout each step, to get a better understanding overall:

RESEARCH: This is perhaps the most important step. It all begins here. Proper research forms the groundwork for all data used. In SEO, research can cover multiple aspects. For instance, there’s Keyword Research, Link Research, Competitor Research and much, much more…

IMPLEMENTATION: Upon procural of bounteous research, the SEO team will then implement the knowledge and data that been gleaned, by means of on-site modifications, in efforts to increase in site rankings everywhere. Page titles and meta descriptions, tags for headers and anchor text, and more, are implemented. This process may take up to several weeks at a time.

OPTIMIZATION: After the initial changes have been allowed to take full effect following implementation, SEO’s can then track all efforts and note the progress accordingly. This is the most crucial phase of the campaign as a whole. The pages with implemented changes must then be further optimized through numerous ongoing practices, such as page relevancy targeting with a keyword approach and even linking other pages to the optimized page.

ANALYSIS: Though much of the work is done, there’s still more to be had. Here, a thorough performance analysis will reveal the full research’s quality, effectiveness, as well as the campaign’s outreach successes. Multitudinous factors are considered in more depth. The marketers and their board usually come together at this point to discuss all matters thus far, in addition to noting potential strategies for future campaigns.

As for a number of companies still, optimization will remain the top priority. And the organic channel will always take the forefront. Through more properly grasping all that an SEO campaign entails, both digital novices and experts alike are more able to properly succeed in grounding a firm, digital presence that’ll serve their companies best. At least, that’s the goal.

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