8 Forms of Content to Skyrocket Your Local SEO!

1.  City landing pages

Try ranking locally without location pages, and you can see a new challenge arise. Also, you can be sure to emulate similar strategies, on this note.

2.  State / regional landing pages

Use your locations’ multiple states and regions to cover as much territory as you possibly can. The right state – specific page, at the right time, for example, can yield the right results.

3.  FAQ’s

These are considered SEO one – stop – shops for so many reasons. These pages can rank quite well, and if Google likes them, they might even get listed as Google Answers……there’s so many possibilities that can happen here. To get started, have some kind of FAQ page and go from there, adding or taking away sections as needed.

4.  Certain ‘specials’ or other discounts

Local business owners can especially benefit from these and in more ways than one. Everyone, after all, likes to take advantage of coupons and shop smart. It’s a fact.

5.  Local event hosting

This one has more to do with driving awareness through hosting some events of your own, even promoting them on sites like Facebook, where anyone can instantly see them. You’ll be surprised how well it can work.

6.  Additional event partnerships

On a similar note, have you tried joining forces with perhaps a bigger agency or company than your own, one that maybe shares similar goals altogether? Maybe you can help each other out. Scratch your partner’s back, and he can do the same for you…..

7.  Blogs

There’s nothing that speaks as well as a properly placed, content-rich, SEO-friendly blog that has accounted for all the main keywords needed within it, and holds them in their rightful density as well. Blogs speak to the reader, usually, and are great ways to get others the Internet to connect with your message like never before.

8.  ‘Best of’ types of guides      

You can make these brief, to the point. Or, you can expand. The level of depth is up to you! Get creative.