4 Surprising platforms on Social Media that you can use to increase brand exposure.

Are the social media platform staples of LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook becoming saturated?

In 2018 Social Media marketing is a crucial piece in your internet marketing equation. With the digital world we are currently living in leveraging this marketing tool is very important in your business growth especially for smaller and medium size businesses that want to compete.

Social Media value has increased over the last 5 years !

With over 90% percent of marketers placing social media as a high value business growth tool and over 50% now showing that sales have increased because of social media all businesses should be allotting time, capitals, and energy towards social media marketing.

Your business social media marketing efforts should look beyond the core four. Especially if you want to produce organic content and capture new patrons beyond the core fours platforms.

Your marketing company should want to always test and branch out to new platforms that give the ability to reach new audiences. That can also generate traffic to your business website.

Some of the social media platforms not in the core four, that can easily increase brand awareness are.
• Quora
• Facebook Messenger
• Flickr
• Pinterest

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer website where questions are organized, edited, answered and asked by an online community of users. It’s a knowledge base live Q & A on the internet that you can add your own professional profile around your expertise. You can add your education profile, knowledge information, current occupation, resume, and even a head shot and bio to showcase your knowledge on a subject or subjects.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook messenger does technically fall under the Facebook domain but the use of it is very different. It has a downloadable app that you can benefit from its chatbot capabilities that you can integrate directly into your website. Using Facebook Messenger is a key tool to interact with your customers on your Facebook Business Page.

What is Flickr?

Do you like sharing your business pictures and content on Instagram? You will like Flickr. Flickr is a Yahoo owned company that has been around for a relatively long time. With its topic-based discussion groups like Reddit. It gives a business a platform to pre-target a demographic based on interests with no extra energy.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest today is much more than a platform for brides to be or millennial women. It is a platform that give your business a platform to create business profiles, landing pages, product pages, and links “yes valuable links” that help increase Googles outlook of your business and website.

There are many social media networks out there are being unused by businesses today. With the core four becoming saturated and busy you must look to other mediums to increase brand awareness and use these platforms for its content building capabilities and link building capabilities to your business.

With trying out new social media platforms. You could add more digital billboards on the world wide web that drive in more eyes to your business and your businesses products.